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Roundabout Playpump

The roundabout playpump combines a children's roundabout with a pump.
The pumps are usually installed in schools to harness the natural energy of children.

As the children play on the roundabout they pump water into a holding tank at the rate of 1400 litres per hour.

A fully installed PlayPump system costs £7,500  This includes equipment such as the roundabout, water pump, storage tank, tank stand with board, tap, and piping. Set up costs such as a geo-hydro census, site evaluation, water quality testing, community orientation, installation training, transport, and system installation are also included.

The first PlayPumps system was installed about ten years ago. Since then more than 1700 pumps have been installed in southern Africa (South Africa, Malawi, Lesotho and Swaziland). Clean water is pumped from boreholes which can be up to 300 foot deep. The tanks containing the water are used as advertising space. Two sides of the tank carry commercial advertisements while the other two sides carry health education information.  Revenue from the sale of the advertising pays for the upkeep of the pump.

The pumps are manufactured and maintained by a not for profit company based in Johannesburg called 'Roundabout Water Solutions'.




















Lawrence's Roundabout Well Appeal